I'm Dave Wright and I am a non-partisan candidate for Governor of Nebraska. I believe it is obvious that for people to reach wisdom and sustainability, they must be able to exercise their right to Life, Liberty, and Property.

Nebraska landscape

Consumption Tax

In Nebraska we have property taxes, sales taxes, income taxes  and real estate taxes. 

What has happened is the legislature pits us against each other. Sales tax and income tax   people tend to just start a fight with you because they don’t want to change the way the system works.

My idea is that we need to get the one tax system, that way everybody is paying the same. That should be a sales tax or a consumption tax.

Once we reach that point and everyone pays, then we can finally sit down and talk about what to do about the size of government.


There’s a lot of concern right now in the school system with critical race theory (CRT) and  comprehensive sex education (CSE).

My thoughts on those are really quite simple, we teach children the truth and that’s what we teach. 

We teach them the truth in history, the truth in mathematics, and the truth when it comes with reading and writing. 

So, the question becomes: is CRT truthful; I don’t think so.

I think maybe the 1776 project is a little more truthful than CRT.

In my opinion, the truths about CSE should be between parents and their children, not the school system